The wickedly talented Swedish EDM-producer Wahlbeck discovered his passion for music early.

After watching the big names of the genre playing at Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival, he said to himself that: this is were I want to be.

He started out with a simple studio setup in his bedroom, with very limited possibilities production wise. Now, only a few years later, he got two professional studios, with the best equipment imaginable for his work and creativity.

In January 2016, Wahlbeck released a gimmick song where he sampled the Swedish prime minister, which made it to the number #1 spot on Spotify Viral Top 50... for 3 weeks in a row.

Wahlbeck is known for his energetic brass sound, which he created his house track "Tembo" with, which also is his most successful release so far. With a combined number of 4.3 million streams on Spotify, he sure is an artist to check out. Together with his friend and colleague Thisen, he co-produced Vendela's first single "Texture" which is featured at New York Fashion Week 2019.